Breast Cancer Health Expo

Recently, my school conducted a health expo focusing on health promotion and addressing multiple health topics relevant to adolescents. One such topic was breast cancer, and my friends and I were responsible for this stall. We thought it effectively raised awareness about cancer by educating visitors on the risk-factors of breast cancer and its impact on health, including its affect on physical health by causing fatigue, nausea and breast swelling and also emotional health, sometimes causing depression and anxiety. We also addressed how to prevent breast cancer, which allowed visitors to begin preventing being diagnosed with the disease and develop positive habits.

For the duration of the expo, a PowerPoint presentation played that contained information about the signs of breast cancer and how people can support breast cancer research. Additionally, a brochure was distributed that highlighted the risk factors of the disease. Providing this information informed people how they can improve their health regarding breast cancer and help support the search for a cure, and visitors to our stall told us how they were going to enact the information we had provided. 

The PowerPoint also contained information about mammograms and early detection of breast cancer. On the day, numerous students told us they would speak to their female relatives about mammograms and teachers told us they would consult with their doctors. We were so happy that we were able to raise awareness about early detection of breast cancer, as this is such a vital way of ensuring treatments are successful.

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Among other things at the expo, I was responsible for creating a ‘proposal’ for my school to hold a ‘Pink Accessories Day’ that visitors to our stall were asked to sign. We proposed that, for a gold coin donation, students could wear pink accessories for one day to raise money for breast cancer research. We were glad that we were able to encourage people to work together to support breast cancer research by signing the proposal. On the day, nearly 300 people signed, which was a fantastic result. We look forward to the 'Pink Accessories Day' and being able to raise money for breast cancer research.

Our breast cancer stall was very popular and successful on the day of the health expo, being a fun, educational and appealing. We had hundreds of visitors, who all enjoyed themselves, asking questions about breast cancer and responding enthusiastically to the information presented to them. As breast cancer greatly affects society,  it was wonderful that we were able to raise awareness about breast cancer and propose action to raise money for breast cancer research. I was especially glad to be able to raise awareness about the deadly disease that took the lives of some close family friends.

Early Detection is Key Breast Cancer Awareness

Overall, the health expo was a great experience and my breast cancer stall was successful.

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