Pink Accessories Day for Breast Cancer Awareness

In August, I blogged about how, at my school's recent Health Expo, I created a ‘proposal’ for the school to hold a ‘Pink Accessories Day’. It was proposed that, for a gold coin donation, students could wear pink accessories to raise money for breast cancer research.

Well, the proposal was accepted. Subsequently, my school recently hosted the ‘Pink Accessories Day’. It was a fantastic day and nearly all students and staff participated. It was very rewarding to see my school flowing with pink accessories, after all the hard work that went into the day. In all, just over $200 was raised, which is a significant effort for the small size of my school.

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I hope that this can inspire everyone to believe and understand that they can make a difference, even by doing something little. Everyone can do something to support cancer research.

What will you do?

Take care,
Madeleine Moore