A Lovely D2C Painting

One of my friend's sisters, Corina, recently painted a picture of the 'Determined to Cure' logo. Check it out!

D2C logo painted by Corina

Thank you Corina for your amazing support! It is much appreciated!

My friends have also been busy supporting 'Determined to Cure!' One of my best friends, who is a talented artist, created a D2C mascot! Stay in touch to hear more!

If you want to support 'Determined to Cure' in any way, such as with a painting, please do! Email determinedtocure@gmail.com with any creations, etc. Remember: 'From little things, big things grow.'

Take care,

Vitamin D and Cancer

Are you getting enough Vitamin D? According to the American Cancer Society and many other sites, this vitamin helps prevent and treat cancer!

Vitamin D can be obtained by spending time in the sun and also from foods such as salmon, tuna, sardines, cheese and egg yolk, as well as cod liver oil and other fish liver oils.

If you are in the sun, just remember to slip, slop, slap and to use a high-quality SPF to protect yourself against harmful UV rays!

Take care,
Madeleine Moore

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