10 Gift Ideas Supporting #Cancer Research

Buying anything is always easier when you know it's supporting a great cause - it makes any purchase seem worthwhile and provides the knowledge that you are contributing to something bettering society. Gifts are no exception, so here are some easy and simple gift ideas supporting cancer awareness! Gifts that give back...

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1. PANDORA Pink Ribbon charms ~
PANDORA has an ongoing partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, donating 30% of retail sales of Pink Ribbon products directly to breast cancer research each year, all year round. 
 Pandora Jewellery
PANDORA also support breast cancer awareness by attending and running events, donating product, creating media releases and taking part in special Pink Ribbon promotions. What a great shop to support!

2. Cafe Press has incredible products supporting prostate cancer awareness and research, including these great golf balls!

3. Ovarian Cancer Products

Cafe Press also has a huge range of ovarian cancer products, supporting research and awareness. Products include this great Teal Ribbon Charm Bracelet!

4. Choose Hope Necklaces

Choose Hope has heaps of great necklaces, all supporting cancer research and awareness. Check out some of the incredible range!

5. David Jones Products

David Jones sells cancer awareness products year round to fund cancer research, selling Cancer Council sunglasses and a variety of 'Think Pink' products. The store also has an ongoing partnership the National Breast Cancer Foundation, hosting a number of fundraising initiatives to support the NBCF’s research programs. David Jones also opened Rose Clinics, which provide free breast checks for women.
6. Beads of Hope has incredible, hand-made beaded products supporting breast cancer research and awareness. Check out the incredible products!

7. Melanoma Products

Cafe Press also has a huge range of melanoma awareness products, raising money for research. Products include this great Black Ribbon Mug!

8. Nike has some great NFL gear supporting breast cancer. Check out the great products!

9. Choose Hope Hats, Caps and Scarves

Choose Hope has heaps of head-gear supporting cancer research and awareness. Check out some of the incredible range!

10. Maxwell & Williams Homewares

Maxwell & Williams supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation's research program with a beautiful collection of mugs, having committed to donate over $100,000 per annum. 

These gifts are great for any occasion; Christmas, birthday's, anniversaries! Guilt-free shopping, supporting cancer research. Who wouldn't love a gift like that?

Take care,
Madeleine Moore