Liebster Award

The lovely +Holly Coconutheadsurvivalguide of the wonderful blog The Coconut Head's Survival Guide was kind enough to nominate +Determined to Cure for the Liebster Award

The Award nominates 11 blogs who have less than 200 readers. Awardees then answers 11 questions provided by their nominator. Each awardee then 'pays it forward' by publishing a post and nominating 11 bloggers with their own 11 questions. 

Here are my responses to Holly's questions ~
  1. Coffee or Tea? Tea for sure.
  2. Work at home - dress for success in high heels and pearls, or sweats? Sweats - dress for comfort when at home, I say!
  3. Favourite kitchen gadget and why. I don't (cannot) cook, but love our mix-master as it does everything for me.
  4. Favorite kitchen small appliance and why. Would have to be the kettle - tea is my staple.
  5. Do you have a hot area in the house where everything seems to land like mail, lists, pens, hats, purses? My desk draws have collected a lot of things over the years...
  6. What is on your honey-do list waiting to get done? I would like to clean out my cupboards - some may call be a 'hoarder.'
  7. Favorite movie/movies of all time? Love and Other Disasters is a lovely movie.
  8. What TV show/shows are on your must-see list? Hawaii Five-0 and Grey's Anatomy.
  9. If you were given an unlimited amount of money, what big-ticket item for your home would you buy? I would spend the money painting the entire house.
  10. What is your favourite store to shop for decor? Anywhere with a good sale!
  11. You just won the lotto, congratulations. What kind of house will you go buy and where will it be? I wouldn't buy a house but would donate some and bank the rest.

My blogging circle is rather limited as I complete most of my interaction on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, so I am nominating only one person. Aside from the lovely +Holly+Natasha In Oz from the blog Natasha in Oz is my biggest supporter and I am forever grateful for her help and contribution.

Natasha in Oz
Nominee: Be sure to tag each of the bloggers you nominate as well as me in your post. Go to each of their blogs and leave a comment that you have nominated them. Also, please answer the same 11 questions above.
I massive, warm thank you goes to Holly, who is an incredible inspiration to all in the blogging world and, in particular, the cancer awareness arena. She works tirelessly to spread her message and is incredible with outreach and interaction. I’m honoured that she would nominate +Determined to Cure for the Liebster Award.
Take care,