Pantene Beautiful Lengths

After a year of growing my hair out, I cut it all off to donate +Pantene #BeautifulLengths drive. This initiative supports women with cancer by using donated ponytails to make and provide free real-hair wigs to those who have lost their locks during treatment. 

Many women with cancer say that putting on a wig helps them feel like themselves again, but real-hair wigs are a luxury that few can afford. Pantene is helping to combat this, and I think it is an amazing and inspiring initiative. I was humbled to be able to donate my hair to such a worthy cause.

D2C Founder Madeleine Moore cut her hair off to make wigs for cancer patients.

To donate your ponytail, it must be at least 8 inches (20cm) in length. Check out Beautiful Lengths' US and Australian sites for more information about requirements and how to donate:

Think about skipping your next salon treatment to grow your hair longer and stronger, and pledge your ponytails to Beautiful Lengths to make a wig for a cancer patient.

Take care,
Madeleine Moore